Entrepreneurial spirit of America’s leading precision manufacturers.

Leadership Team

Guiding the success of our mission

The entrepreneurial spirit and values that made our individual companies successful are the very ones that continue to guide our endeavors to become America’s leading precision-manufacturing company. As we leverage our combined resources to enable cost efficiencies and create greater performance outcomes for our customers, the ARCH leadership team is mindful of the culture we are building.

  • Eli Crotzer
  • President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Don Piper
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • David Walker
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Jack Serda
  • Executive Vice President,
    Corporate Strategy and Development
  • Michelle Connolly
  • Vice President, Finance
  • Lori Lorant
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Jim Logan
  • Director of Operational Excellence
  • Jeff Cederstrom
  • President, Cutting Tools Group
  • Paul Barck
  • President, Medical Solutions Group
  • Andy Spiering
  • President, Precision Components Group
  • John Ruggieri
  • Vice President, Engineering and Business Development
  • ARCH – Seabrook
  • Tim Smith
  • Vice President, Business Development
  • Precision Components
    Aerospace and Defense
ARCH Leadership team
Elevating the success of our customers

We are strategically aligned to key market sectors we see as vital to the future of American manufacturing. These market sectors include medical, aerospace and defense, and a range of industrial segments reliant on evolved precision-manufacturing solutions. The ARCH management team leads the synergistic alignment of our diverse and scalable resources in support of the needs and success of our customer.

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