Arch Global Precision

Components & Products

Precision machined components and products

ARCH Global Precision brings a competitive advantage to manufacturers in need of highly evolved resources for precision machined components, manufactured products, and supply chain integration.

The evolution of these resources is guided by the knowledge that American manufacturing must compete in sectors that are vital to the world economy: among these medical, aerospace and defense, and the broader sectors in need of precision component solutions. Our strategy is to collectively invest in precision machining and related supply chain best practices that are unique to each of the customer segments we serve.

Medical Solutions

Contract manufacturing for the creation of precision-machined surgical instruments, implants, diagnostic equipment components, and one-of-a kind surgical devices.

Aerospace & Defense

Specialized prototype development, design-for-manufacturability expertise, and precision machining services ranging from critical part production to finishing, and subassemblies.

Precision Components

Engineering and precision machining capacity supporting OEM manufacturers and Tier I and Tier II suppliers across a broad range of industrial applications.

Cutting Tools

Our expertise in precision machining is backed by a range of standard and custom tools, including micro tools, specialty tools, and tools with advanced coatings.

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